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This survey is conducted by the Idealliance Research Center. Please address questions or comments to Andrew D. Paparozzi, apaparozzi@Idealliance.org, phone: 201-523-6353, fax: 201-634-0328.   Thank you.


     Please provide the data below for the periods indicated.

 Data for:

1. Gross Sales

 (From all sources, including (or before deducting) discounts, credits, returns, and allowances and including brokered sales. Freight charges should be included in gross sales and offset in cost of good sold.)


2. Paper Cost

 (Paper expense as reported on the income statement.)


3. Other Chargeable Materials

 (The cost of ink, film, plates, cartons, and other supplies and materials required to produce and to deliver jobs.)


4. Outside Services

(The cost of services—including copier service costs and click charges—purchased from other companies and required to complete jobs..)


5. Cost of Goods Sold

(Includes paper, other chargeable materials, and all outside services, (2+3+4 above) plus all factory costs, including factory payroll and factory overhead.)


6. Payroll

(Includes everything associated with paying employees, such as company-paid portion of medical insurance, life insurance, workers' compensation, payroll taxes, and commissions. Include all working owners at fair compensation—i.e., what it would take to replace them.)


7. Factory Payroll

(Total direct and indirect non-supervisory factory wages, salaries, and benefits. Please include employer match portion of payroll taxes as a fringe benefit. Please include full-time equivalents of all part-time personnel.)


8. Gross Profit

(Gross sales minus cost of goods sold.)



(Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. Equals operating cash flow. Calculate by adding interest expense and all depreciation/amortization back into net income before tax.)


10. Spoilage/Rework

(Total cost of remakes including materials and labor, where the printer was not paid, including credits or refunds offered in lieu of payment.)


11. Accounts Receivable

(Amounts due from customers for sales or services performed as reported on the balance sheet.)


12. Employees

(All full-time personnel plus the full-time equivalent of all part-time employees.)

13. Sale Personnel

(All full-time outside sales people, including selling owners.)

What are your biggest INTERNAL barriers to profitable growth? That is, what internally is holding you back? Please check all that apply.

Sales reps who lack necessary skills, motivation.

Marketing: We aren't doing enough to distinguish ourselves and our brand.

Identifying new opportunities.

Adjusting to peaks and valleys in business so we aren't understaffed when business turns up and overstaffed when it turns down.

Sales management.

Setting company direction: Deciding where we want to go and how we're going to get there..

Resistance to change.

Evaluating new opportunities: Deciding which are really best for us.

Communicating direction/vision/goals to staff; getting everyone on the same page.

Communicating across departments so information required for efficient production flows smoothly.

Lack of cash to invest in the technologies/services that would help us most.

Procrastination. We don't move quickly enough.

Understanding what clients really need, how we can be more valuable to them.

Anticipating what clients will need.

Productivity is too low. Too much inefficiency, waste, rework, etc. Turn times too slow.

Shortage of skilled, qualified production personnel..

Don't have the right mix of clients/industries.

Labor costs are too high/too inflexible.

Debt too high.

Aren't offering the right mix of services.



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Thank you! The Idealliance Research Center