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Company Name:

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   Leading Indicators Profile


   Company type:

   General commercial printer

   Specialty/niche printer 
Please indicate specialty/niche:    

   Quick printer   Independent   Franchise

   Provider of mailing services

   Provider of fulfillment services

   Provider of marketing services



  Number of locations for which
   you will be reporting:

  Number of working owners:

  Number of outside sales representatives
   (other than company owner):

  Approximately what percent
   of your gross sales are brokered?  %

(Brokered sales are sales you make but are sent outside for production.)


   Which printing processes do you offer?

   Sheetfed Lithography                          Digital Printing: Variable Content

   Heatset Web Lithography                   Inkjet

   Non-heatset Web Lithography              Copying/duplicating

   Digital Printing: Static Content            Flexography

   Wide Format                                      Other:


    Which printed products do you offer?

   Direct Mail                                       Catalogs                                     Signage

   Promotion (other than direct mail)      Magazines, Periodicals, Journals   Packaging

   Wraps and banners                           Directories                                   Books

   Display/POP Advertising                  Manuals and Documentation          Newsletters

     (other than wraps and banners)             Financial and Legal                       Stationery

   Magazine Inserts/Supplements          Annual Reports                             Business Forms

   Newspaper Inserts/Supplements        Tags and Labels                           Promotional Products

   Weekly Newspapers/Shoppers         Other:


   Which services do you offer?

   Prepress/Premedia                      Wide Format: Color                         Social Media Marketing

   Art/Design/Creative                      Wide Format: B&W                        Response Management

   Bindery/Finishing                          Digital Asset Management              Mobile Advertising

   Web-to-Print                                 Content Creation & Management     Strategy & Planning

   Web Storefront                            1:1 Cross-Media Marketing                SEO/SEM

   Web Page Creation/Hosting         Database Management & Analytics    SMS

   Mailing                                        Email Marketing                                Video for the Web

   Fulfillment                                   Inbound/Content Marketing                3D Printing



   Revenue Composition.

   Approximately what percentage of your revenue comes from each source below?


   Lithographic Printing                                                          %

    Printing on lithographic, conventional or direct-image, presses

    and the associated prepress and bindery/finishing services.


   Digital Printing                                                                   %

    Printing, static or variable-data, from digital data as opposed

    to a printing plate.


   Mailing Services                                                                 %     


   Fulfillment Service                                                             %

   All other sources of revenue                                              %