Leading Indicators is a timely summary of the metrics, trends, and issues critical to companies that provide print, mail, fulfillment, and marketing services. Participation is open to both Idealliance members and non-members.

Participants are required to submit a company profile (company type, composition of revenue, services offered, etc.) and to provide complete, accurate data every month. In return they have full access to program results.

Indicators tracked include sales, costs, gross profit, value added, and sales per employee. For context and perspective, participants are also asked “beyond the numbers” questions such as: What is your company doing better now than it was six months ago? Which skills will be most important to your company’s success over the next two years and how are you going to develop those skills? What is your biggest opportunity? What concerns you most?

As Idealliance has long emphasized, our industry is not simply changing, it is being redefined—creating historic opportunity for the prepared and profound threats for the unprepared. The goal of Leading Indicators is to help its participants be among the prepared by identifying and anticipating the trends most important to their businesses.

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